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Visit our market in Cape Breton for a fresh selection of lobster, snow crab, shrimp and salmon.

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Ballast Ground Fisheries is a family-owned and operated seafood market in Cape Breton located just off 220 Commercial Street at the ballast ground wharf (where the fishing boats dock) in North Sydney. Since 1999, we have provided clients throughout Canada with premium-quality seafood straight off of the country's east coast. Our team consists of 16 experienced 4th generation fishermen who catch, cook and package the freshest products.

At Ballast Ground Fisheries, we have some of the most lucrative hard-shell Atlantic lobsters that come fresh off the boat. The Atlantic lobster is the pride of fisheries in Nova Scotia and is often called the King of Seafood around the world. Its nice, juicy, succulent flavour offers an unforgettable gastronomical experience as well as several nutritional benefits, including: high in protein, omega-3 and calcium. Some of the catches we have available to purchase include Atlantic lobster, Cape Breton lobster, snow crab, shrimp and salmon.

As a seafood market in Cape Breton, we sell crab and lobster for both wholesale and retail, so you can get an order for your restaurant or a family dinner all the same.

Not in North Sydney or the Cape Breton area? Not an issue. At Ballast Ground Fisheries, we pack lobster the right way for travel! We provide a carry-on size package that is airline approved, holding 15 lbs of lobster live or cooked. We also offer a cargo-size package holding 30 lbs of live or cooked lobster. We ship live lobster as well as other seafood products such as fish, crab, shrimp, etc. to any major airport in Canada during our fishing season! Our minimum order for shipments is 30 lbs.

So if you’re looking for delicious Atlantic lobster or other succulent seafood, give Ballast Ground Fisheries a call today while they’re still in season.

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